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Is Now the Time to Buy a New Gas Boiler

  Most of us try to save money wherever possible, which often leads to people keeping faulty gas boilers for years. Unfortunately, rather than help you save money, problematic and outdated boilers can make your heating bills skyrocket. By investing in a new gas boiler installation, you can reduce your heating bill by up to 40% annually, meaning your new boiler may virtually pay for itself in a matter of years.


Derek Stuart is a manufacturer recommended installers for some of the UK's leading brands, and I am committed to keeping my prices low despite providing high-quality products. If your boiler is decade's old, in bad shape or experiencing issues, you should consider calling 07850520008 for a new boiler installation in Newcastle, Gateshead, Blaydon, Cramlington and all other locations in the Northumberland, Tyne and Wear and Areas?.




Getting a new boiler is an investment that can end up paying for itself. The older a boiler gets the more inefficient it becomes. And even when they were new, older boilers were less efficient than their modern equivalents and didn’t produce as much heat. A new boiler can save you up to 40% on your heating bills. That could be a few hundred £s a year.


 To help you enjoy your new boiler for longer, we have a range of ways to help. Our warranties can reach up to 10 years, and all of our work is fully guaranteed. Not only that, we provide an aftercare service. This will help with servicing your new boiler, which will keep it at peak efficiency year after year, saving you more money than you’ll pay on an inefficient boiler.





  When you call me for a boiler installation I will arrange a time to suit your schedule. That’s right, no more waiting around all day for the gas engineer to turn up. You’ll know when I will be there, so you can carry on with your day. As an installer I will always leave your property as we found it, and by the time I am  gone you’ll never know I have been there   r, which will k


 Once I've completed your installation i willl register it with the Gas Safe Register and your local authority. After you call me, there’s really not a lot you’ll have to do, as i'll take care of pretty much everything for you. 

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I don't expect you to buy a new gas boiler without understanding the costs, which is why I welcome you to obtain a free estimate/quote. I am transparent with my pricing and guarantee zero hidden charges, and I will never compromise on quality to keep our prices low.

I cover new gas boiler installations in Newcastle, Gateshead, Blaydon, Cramlington and all other locations in the Northumberland, Tyne and Wear and Areas with warranties that last up to 10 years, so contact me today on 07850520008 if you want to find out how a new boiler from Derek Stuart Heating & Gas could benefit you.